3 Roll Pyramid Pinch

Year: 1991    Make: SERTOM

capacity table
iron round bar 160 mm
tube /pipe max 203 mm
angle 200 x 22 mm
iron plate on flat 350 x80 mm
iron square bar 140 mm
T-section 200 mm
INP 360
UNP 340

weight total of the machine 20 Ton.
Dimension 2,2 x 2,7 mtr x H 3,1 mtr
-3 rolls power driven
-universal set of rolls interchangeable
-hydraulic traction tool for H_beam rolling hard way.
-Lateral correctors left/right side
-Control panel console movable on wheels with electric joysticks for manual use and digital position readout.
-hydraulic power unit 50Hp – electric Vac 400/50