3 Roll Pyramid Pinch

Year: 2002    Make: PARMIGIANI

-Profile bending roll Parmigiani Italy
-Model Planet 40
-matriculation CH40/0115B – year 2002
-Output shafts size 175 mm
-Rollers Ø 470 mm

Planetary configuration with pre-bending – 3 rolls driven hydraulic with axial gear unit each shaft.
Hydraulic power unit self enclosed.

Machine reversible can work with vertical shafts / horizontal shafts

Installed configuration along with the machine

nr.1 complete set of universal rollers 10 pieces ( see picture above with rollers installed )

double side supports , lateral arms correctors left/right side with control hydraulic in 3 direction,

double rollers (4 pieces) , for bending angle section leg-in / leg-out and use for re-opening the bent profiles.

Control panel electric independent movable on wheels, with control push buttons and digital position readouts.

Included with the machine : additional set of rolls
pipe bending size – 2” -3” -4” -5” -6” -8” x3 pieces each size.

Power supply voltage 3 ph Vac 380 / 50 – Hp 30

-max capacity chart ( see annex bending chart )

Available with the machine nr. 5 stands movable on wheels with adjustable height , for supporting of the long bars of profile during the bending process.

Machine dimensions mm 2320 x 2280 x H 2050 mm

weight 12 Ton