3000x22mm ( 10′ x 7/8″)

4 Roll Dual Initial Pinch

Year: 2016    Make: MG

HYDRAULIC PLATE BENDING MACHINE MODEL 4 ROLL 3000 x 22 mm ( 10′ x 7/8″ ) dual inital pinch

plate width up to 3000 mm ( 10′ ) rolling thickness 22 mm ( 7/8″ ) – pre-bending thickness 18 mm ( 23/32″ )

upper roll size= 350 mm ( 13,77″ ) pinch rolls size= 330 mm ( 13″) surface on the rolls 3100 mm (10,1′ )

minimum diameter of bending 400 mm ( ID 15,75″ ) depending on plate thickness and width.
1″ plate thickness bending capacity into ID 70″ with plate width max. 8′ mild steel 38000PSi.


Construction details:

  • hydraulic central pinch rolls driven each powered with independent hydraulic motor
    hydraulic instant braking perfect stop on extreme plate edge for complete bending
    perfect parallel setup of the 4 rolls with hydraulic pistons and torsion bar
    complete protection against overload and wrong operation via hydraulic valves
    bearings sealed type all the 4 rolls installed with –optimal IP-proof protection.
    Centralized power pack with multiple hydraulic pumps high pressure operation
    top roll opening front side with hydraulic drop-end for the unloading of the formed plate.
    Control console with electric push buttons and directional hydraulic commands
    Digital readouts on the forming rolls to repeat the rolling works with accuracy
    Manuals in language complete set with schematics for operation and service tooling.
    Spare part filters for hydraulic service. Quality manufacturing with certification CE