3000x160mm (10’x 6,3″)

3 Roll Pyramid Pinch

Year: 2014    Make: made in Italy

Plate roll bending machine dual pre-pinch planetary hydraulic model 3000mm ( 10′ ft ) X 160 mm ( 6,3″ in )

Capacity: plate thickness 160 mm ( 6,3″ in )

full width 3000 mm ( 10′ ft )

Plate yield 295 Mpa

Construction technical data:

Surface length of the 3 rolls -useful 3100 mm ( 10 ‘ ft )

-Top roll 940 mm ( 37 ” in )

Opening between the rolls up to plate thickness 210 mm ( 8,26″ in )
Electric installed power 220 Hp


Hardening surface treatment of the 3 rolls.

Conical plate bending attachment fully hydraulic operated from the console, with digital readout of the bending position.

3 rolls driven hydraulic motorized, powered rotation with axial gear unit directly coupled on each roll independent.

Digital position readout of the side bending rolls.

-3 rolls hydraulic plate bending machine with dual pre-pinch planetary pyramid configuration.
-The rolls are crowned to compensate the loads for deflection and increase the gripping power.
-No turning of plate is required all along the rolling process. Easy one-man operation.
-Parallelism between top and bottom rollers with torsion bar system very long lasting accuracy.
-Machine housing and frames made of welded steel construction.
-The 3 rolls installed on sealed bearings , free from greasing and reduced maintenance.
– Hydraulic peripheral speed compensation system between the three rollers.anti-slippage system.
-Hydraulic system with relief valves to stop the roller at end position.
-Automatic hydraulic instant braking of rolls rotation.
-Overload protection hydraulic safety relief against accidental operation

-Working speed double fast/slow variable from 1,8 Mtr./min and 4,5 Mtr. / min.

-Centralized control panel movable on wheels for easy one-man operation.

-Emergency shut-down devices in compliance with intl. machine tools regulation.
-CE quality certification, Made in Italy manufacturing.
-Service manuals and operation instruction along with the machine
-Hydraulic diagrams -Electric & electronic schematics

-Voltage 3 phase 400 Vac/50 Hz – 480Vac/60Hz USA/CANADA