360mm shafts section roll

Year: 2011    Make: MG

MG360 Section Roll H_beam

-Output shafts size 360 mm * rolls dimension 800 mm

Capacity max.: – HEB 500 -INP 600 *-ANGLE 200 MM *-T300 MM *-20″ PIPE SIZE *-UNP 500 MM


Configuration with the machine

-Pyramid dual pinch side rolls independent hydraulic positioning bending and pre-bending performance

-The 3 rolls driven with hydraulic motor and gear unit individual on each roll *-Synchronized speed automatic hydraulic control between the 3 rotating shafts

-universal set of rolls interchangeable to seat and bend the various shape of profiles as per capacity chart in enclosed.

machine equipped with several tooling for HEB-INP-UNP bending hard side.

-hydraulic traction tool with digital position readout to compensate the H-beam symmetry bending on the hard-side

Set of rolls interchangeable with adjustable height for HEB beam – INP beam *-Set of heads for traction the HEB – INP beam bending on the hard side *-Lateral correctors left/right side hydraulic operated in 3 directions:

-Control panel console movable on wheels with electric joysticks for manual use and digital position readout.

-Digital readout NC 7” screen display with position reading of rolls and traction tool position.

-hydraulic unit powered 100Hp – electric Vac 400/50 weight total of the machine 60 Ton.

-Hydraulic power unit self enclosed into the machine. *-High pressure hydraulic power pack with multi pumps oil feed.

-Working speed variable from 1,8 mtr/min up to 5,5 mtr/min. *-Emergency shut-down devices in compliance with regulation. *-CE quality certification, Made in Italy manufacturing. *-Service manuals and operation books along with the machine