3000×65 mm 3roll

3 Roll Pyramid Pinch

Year: 2020    Make: MG

Hydraulic 3000×65 mm plate bending machine 3 roll

Plate width 3100 mm

Plate rolling thickness 65 mm x 3000 mm

Pre-bending thickness 60 mm x 3000 mm

Top roll dia 630 mm – Lower roll dia 560 mm

Rolls hardened

3 rolls power driven with individual gearbox automatic hydraulic synchronized the 3 rolls.

Console command electric joysticks and digital readout of the manual bending position

Manual control of each roll with direction hydraulic actuator with overload valve protection

Control Plate rolling with pre-bending – conical plate bending –calibration device rerolling welded shells

Safety barrier around the machine for emergency shut down

Dimension 3000x5900x H3200 mm ( pit depth 1300 mm for a working level at 900 mm from floor )

Weight 40 Ton

Power electric installed 75Hp EU 380/50 US 480/60