3000×22 mm 4 roll CNC

4 Roll Dual Initial Pinch

Year: 2019    Make: MG

4 Roll Dual Initial Pinch / 3000x22mm CNC

-plate width 3000 mm -bending plate thickness 22 mm *pre-bending plate thickness 18 mm
top roll size 350 mm – electric power 15Hp – weight 13 ton

Installed configuration*hardened rolls surface *conical plate bending attachment

Directional joysticks for manual use of the machine. *Control console electric with CNC-4axis

CNC 7” touchscreen readout -memory storage up to 300 automatic bending programs.
all the four rolls are programmable for automatic plate bending.

Pre-pinch pressure programmable on CNC to optimize the plate edge set pre-bend .
Pinch pressure bottom roll adjustable to compensate load deflection reducing the flat-ends
Hydraulic driven top & bottom rolls direct coupling with axial gear. -Rolls parallelism lifetime lasting via torsion bar.
Front opening drop-end hydraulic to unload closed shells.

Reduced maintenance requirement with sealed bearings and self lubricated bushings

-roll bending – conical bending – rerolling welded shells calibration best roundness tolerance.

Safety and emergency devices installed with the machine.

Quality CE certification – Manuals and schematics hard copy.