4 Roll Dual Initial Pinch

Plate bending machine latest construction technology fully hydraulic operated. One of the most advanced configuration applicable in the roll bending , can be equipped with CNC programmable controller for automatic plate rolling. Several features worth available with the 4 rolls: immediate accurate plate alignement into the machine; adjustable pinching to optimize the pre-bending of the plate ends; one time rolling cycle to achieve the final product. Quality construction Made in Italy featured with the best hydraulic solutions, simple servicing and reduced maintenance requirement. Elliptical shaped rolling and multi-radius plate bending can be achieved with accuracy controlled through the programmable CNC. Rolling of plates in stainless steel, boiler steel, aluminum, hardox, weldox, alucobond, dbond, special alloy.

3 Roll Pyramid Pinch

Plate roll bending machine with great power, designed and engineered to guarantee the best performances. Specially featured for the HEAVY DUTY, The 3 rolls are powered driven individual, providing the total torque trasmission to the plate being formed, removing the slippage effect. The side rolls are powered as well with independent movement to perform the pre-bending of both ends without removing the plate from the machine. Very heavy bending capacity on all kind of plate strength. Quality construction Made in Italy featured with the best hydraulic solutions very easy for servicing and reduced maintenance requirement. Complete set of accessories on board the machine for cylindrical and conical plate rolling.  Extremely large opening between the rolls suitable for feeding and bending symmetric profiles onboard the rollers into the machine or with extended shafts.

Variable Geometry Press Roll

Roll bending machine with combined technologies for the roll bending and press roll forming of plates. Very thick plates can be rolled just widening the geometry of the side rolls. Suitable for any application of roll bending and conical plate rolling this machine is featured to perform the pre-pinching with the 3 rolls geometry movable independent fully hydraulic operated. Engineered with heavy duty construction extremely reliable and performing. Quality construction Made in Italy with the best hydraulic and electronic solutions. Wide range of bending capacity, achieving very tight bending diameters upon the useful plate width. Customized execution is engineered and manufactured upon the demanded rolling works of the user. 

Profile Bending Roll

Section bending machine H-beam bending tooling, Angle roll with pre-pinching configuration. Any type of profiles can be rolled. Available also: Pipe bending equipment, All driven powered rolls featured with the latest hydraulic technology. Add-on tooling configuration for H-beam, I-beam & Channel roll bending. -Set of rolls for pipe bending up to 30" inches. -The control panel can be installed with NC /CNC programmable digital display to run and program the rolling process for automatic bending production.

Heavy Plate Roll

Heavy duty roll bending machine hydraulic with pre-pinch construction extremely reliable and performing. Quality Made in Italy latest hydraulic technology 3 and 4 roll configuration with dual pre-bending for precise and accurate roll bending of very thick plates. Range of capacity starting from 90 mm up to plate thickness 300 mm, performing very tight bending diameter upon useful plate width that can vary from 1 mtr up to 6 mtr. Special execution can be engineered and manufactured upon the production specifications of the final user.