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Bending Machine Manufacturing

  • Plate Bending Roll
Profile Bending Machine

    Plate bending machine
    Section bending roll

  • Plate Bending Roll - Profile Bending Machine

    Plate bending machine
    Pipe bending roll

    rolling machine manufacturing storage tanks & piping

  • Plate bending Roll: buckets for loaders & excavators

    Plate bending machine
    CNC technology automatic programmable

  • Plate Bending Machine

    Plate roll CNC technology

    Conical plate roll forming

    Plate bending machine wind towers construction


what we offer

Plate bending machine fully hydraulic operated. Equipped with CNC programmable prebending controller for automatic plate rolling.

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Plate roll bending machine with great power performances. Reliable bending technology for all kind of plate rolling works with initial pre-pinching.

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Combined technologies roll bending and press forming variable geometry. Very flexible unit for general roll bending and conical plate rolling.

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Section bending machine with add-on rollers for profiles bending. Pipe bending equipment. H-beam bending tools. <br />Angle bending roll.

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heavy duty construction reliable and performing. New hydraulic technology 3 and 4 roll configuration dual initial pinch for cylinders and cones rolling

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Roll Bending Machine

Fender Truck bending roll

wheel covers  panels   roll forming

stainless 1.2 mm  1.5 mm  thickness rolled flange on both side

cone small dia.

inox  plate roll small dia 100mm wide angle -prebending and rolling

serpentine pipe coil

serpentine coil heater

pipe coil bending 1″ to 3″ roll bending machine

HEB/HEM heavy beam

hard-side bending H-beam traction tooling

stainless steel plateroll

bending isle fully automatic

load-roll-unload pipes bending 1000×2 mm

420MPa plate roll

4roll 3000x65mm bending heavy pressure vessels

Corrugated sheet

metal panels rolling corrugated roofing

Cone roll SS small dia

2500x6mm plate film protected outer side

Flanged plate rolling

aluminum silos bending 10 mm double flanged

Aluminum Silos

double flanged plate 6 to 10 mm  into ID5800mm

Mufflers Motorbikes

roll forming titanium plate sheet 1 mm oval shape

3000X70 boilersteel

plate 355Mpa  high yield rolled into ID1750mm

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Applications roll bending machine

Roll bending machine in the manufacturing process of:
Tanker for industry or agriculture for the transport of a wide variety of liquid goods, railroad tank cars, petrol tanker trucks
Earth moving equipment, buckets excavator and loaders, soil compactors
Shipbuilding industry
Marine off-shore platform construction.
Drilling and foundation equipment
Oil and chemical industry
Pipelines manufacturing
Green and solar energy, wind turbine towers
Aircraft industry fuselage and wings