2000 X 6 mm ( 80″x 1/4″)

3 Roll Pyramid Pinch

Year: 2005    Make: Made in Italy

Dual pinch pyramid pre-bending  plate thickness 6 / 4 mm

-Width of plate: 2000 mm
-Thickness rolling:   6 mm

Rolls surface length mm.2050
-Upper roll mm. 160
-Side rolls mm. 140

-Electric power installed 4Hp  380 /50 Hz   440 /60 Hz
-Machine fully hydraulic operated,
-Parallelism with torsion bar -Hydraulic overload protection –
-Hydraulic drop-end opening the top roll for shell unloading
-Centralized control panel  with hydraulic  commands.
-Safety devices in compliance with machine tools regulation. CE mark.
-Manuals, schematics electric and hydraulic
-Hardening of the rolls,  digital readouts of the side lower rolls,
-3rolls driven hydraulic  individual.    -Centralized hydraulic pack with  dual pumps